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May 2014

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Guardian Angel

It was the last thing I want to see in my life.

                “I-I…” she said, struggling and finding the words to say. Tears started rolling in my cheeks. They were hot and full of pain and hurt. I put my finger in her lips hoping she’ll understand what I want to say. She is as persistent as ever since we met until now. Pulled my finger in her lips with her hands covered in blood.

                “I-I love…you,” she whispered at the air flowing o my ear. It hit me hard as a boulder. I sit there with my eyes on the body before me, watching my precious girl who always understands me and supporting me in everything I do. I held here close. I don’t care if people will see my body full of blood. I don’t care if they’ll think of me as a mad man lost his way in this world. All I care now is being with her.

                My tears keep coming, falling in her beautiful face. My mind started to reminisce every moment I had with her. Those hugs, kisses, laughs, and fights we share, that I know now will never happen as they start to fade away.

                “I love you too, my heart belongs to you and it will always be yours, only yours,” I can hardly speak. Catching my breath between cries, I said that to her. She touched my cheek and gave me her one last bright smile. From that moment, I know who she is.