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May 2014

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what the HUH?? >;[

hello .. i just need to pour out my emotions so i'm writing up this entry ..

do you ever felt like you're the baddest person in the world?? .. my "friends" are now mad at me and i really REALLY TRULY don't know the reason.. they kept posting crap status at their wall hoping that i read them < which i did > ..  i want to CRY but i got to stay strong ! .. i'm going to be a senior next school year .. and my plan is to get even on them by making up in the top honor students in or batch ..

.. fact is, they did something good to me.. by making me stronger and seeing what they truly are.. if only they < 3 of them > know what they are saying to each other when they are still telling me secrets, the world will be gone by their fight ! lol .. and i'm just going to sit, relax and watch the fun..
..As for now, i'm not doing any damage on them .. for they are only hurting me .. but when they did something to someone that is now close to me.. they'll really going to get it .. !! >:D

< i can be mean sometimes ! >:P >

next entry .. maybe tomorrow i'll state their names and post on one by one all they say to each other !! whahahaha