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May 2014

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tsuna x haru


 Title: under the stars

 Author: ieliel137

 Pairing: tsuna/haru






          Yamamoto-kun, Gokudera-kun, Ryohei-kun, Kyoko-san and Haru-san went to the house of Tsuna-san to have a sleep over. Much of the mistake of Lambo for sending them invitation that Tsuna-san is having a sleepover and they are invited.


            “Good evening everyone, please, make yourself at home,” greeted Nana who’s wearing a cute pink night gown.


            “Good to have you here everyone,” greeted Tsuna as he came down running in the stairs wearing his green pajamas together with Reborn.


            “Good evening Tsuna-san, thank you for inviting us for a sleepover,” said Kyoko who was wearing a cute violet night gown with matching sleeping slippers. By saying these words, Tsuna blushed a bit but avoid everyone for it not to see.


            “GOOOOOD EVENING!” shout Lambo while running towards the visitors of Tsuna. “I’m so glad you made it! Can we play???? Please!” begged the small guardian.


Haru just returned a smile to Lambo and Tsuna. She wasn’t feeling herself in the past few days. The thought that she has no right for her to get jealous to the way Tsuna-san look, talk or feel towards her best friend Kyoko-san.


            “Are you okay there Haru-san?” asked a tiny voice behind the Haru who was wearing a pair of pajamas with a picture of Lambo and I-pin on it. She turned around, just to see the cute future martial arts master eyes filled with worries.


            “I’m fine! Since when did you see Haru-san sad and depressed?” answered Haru faking and forcing a smile on her face.


            “That’s good then. Would you like to prepare a snack for your friends and Tsuna-san? Lambo really gets hungry after he plays.” Said I-pin with the worry in her eyes replaced by joy.


            “Haru-san would be glad to help you,” replied Haru then turned to her friends.



            “What is it Haru-san?” asked Tsuna with a smile painted on his face.

“Haru-san will help I-pin make snacks for us to enjoy while playing with Lambo, is that okay with you?” asked Haru


            “You know how to cook Haru-san?” asked Kyoko with a bit of confusion in her face.

            “Of course, one of Haru-san’s best skills” answered Haru with a matching boastful smile.


            “Save some for me, eh Haru-san” said Yamamoto

            “Me too!” shout Ryohei “AND ME THREE!” added Lambo


“It’s okay. Just be careful in handling kitchen utensils okay?” said Tsuna. “I’m looking forward of tasting the snack Haru-san,” added Kyoko.


            “Make sure the snacks are healthy or Juudaime here will weaken,” said Gokudera who’s trying to tease Haru.


            “Don’t worry Gokudare-kun, Haru-san will make sure that the snack is healthy,” replied Haru with a weak smile on her face. After saying that, she and I-pin went straight to the kitchen.


            “That’s odd,” said Reborn breaking up the silence in the living room who is now at the shoulder of Yamamoto.


            “Yeah, usually Haru-san will shout at me or scold me with every word I mentioned to her. But now, It’s different,” replied Gokudera to the statement of Reborn.


            “I wonder what’s bothering her, she never loses her enthusiasm,” said Kyoko suddenly with her face filled with worries. Tsuna don’t like the fact of Kyoko getting worried so he thinks of a way for her to lose some of it.


            “Hey Lambo, wanna play cards?” asked Tsuna breaking up the thoughts of everyone with Haru getting all kind of depressed which is rarely happens.


            “Yeah! I’ll just get the cards on your room,” replied Lambo ready to run but even before his little feet could hit the floor, Tsuna interrupted.


            “I’ll go get it; you just sit here and wait for the cards. Just entertain our visitors,”


            Tsuna got up and went upstairs. His steps are slow and small, it’s like he’s walking in the moon or something.


            What could be Haru-san’s problem? Kyoko-san’s right, she never acts like this since we met…the thoughts of Haru made Tsuna walk really slow that Reborn had a chance to catch him.

            “You’re thinking about her aren’t you?” asked Reborn breaking up the train of thought of Tsuna.


            “Who’s her?” asked Tsuna pretending to avoid sermons from his tutor.


            “Haru-san” replied Reborn even if he already know what Tsuna is trying to do.


            “Oh, her, I’m just thinking that…”

            “That what?”

            “I just fell guilty of letting Haru-san depressed when she do everything for me when she realized that I’m sad,”

            “So in short, you’re confused aren’t you?”

            “I don’t know! I know I like Kyoko ever since I met her, but know, when Haru suddenly showed affection for me, it’s just like,”

            “Like what?”

            “Like something inside of me want to tell me something, but I’m not sure what it is,” upon saying these words, Tsuna reached out for the deck of cards stacked on his desk.


            “Remember Tsuna, everything change for a reason, you just have to open your eyes to those changes I’m talking about,” The last words of Reborn made Tsuna froze awhile.




            “Haru-san… can I ask you something?” said I-pin while mixing up the dough they’ll used for making the cookies.


            “What is it I-pin?” replied Haru


            “Are you really okay? Please Haru-san, tell me the truth,” begged I-pin while putting down the bowl of dough.


            “I know I can really trust you so…okay. You know that I love Tsuna-san since he saved my life right?” I-pin nodded on Haru’s statement.

            “And you also know that Tsuna-san love Kyoko more than he loves Haru-san,” once again I-pin just nod.

            “And now, Haru-san feels guilty of getting jealous with Kyoko, my best friend. And now, Haru-san is thinking of giving faith its turn. Haru-san had done enough for Tsuna-kun to notice the feelings Haru-san want him to know.”


            “You do really love him don’t you Haru-san?” asked I-pin while putting up the cookies to the oven.


            “More than you could ever imagine I-pin,” answered Haru fighting back her tears.


            “Hey, Haru-san,” interrupt Reborn who’s walking toward the kitchen table.


            “I know what you feel, so, I’m slipping on a little secret for you,” continued Reborn.

            “I’m listening,” replied Haru with ears wide open.

Reborn went to Haru’s shoulder and began to whisper. I-pin on the other hand, tried her best to listen, but she can’t hear a word Reborn is saying.


            “Thank you for the information Reborn,” thanked Haru. Reborn went down and gave a wink before he get back to the living room where they are all playing cards.


            “Haru-san, even though I don’t know what Reborn said to you, I’m glad that it paint a smile on your face,” said I-pin to Haru then get the baked cookies out of the oven.


            “Are they alright in there?” asked Tsuna when Reborn got back to the living room.

            “They’re doing a good job,” is what Reborn just replied.


“I win! Again! Woohoo!” jumped Lambo as he put down his cards in the living room table. All of them laugh except Gokudera. He just blew his hair blocking up his sight.


            “Snacks are ready!” shout I-pin with Haru behind her holding up the tray of cookies which are looking very delicious.


            “Okay! Because I won three times I get to taste the first cookie first!” said Lambo as he leaped and grab a cookie in the tray Haru’s holding.


            “It’s really gooood!” react Lambo as he took his first bite on one of the cookie
I-pin and Haru baked.


            All of them then get a cookie of their own.


“Good job Haru-san,” said Tsuna once he finished his cookie. Upon hearing these words, Haru blushed a little but tried to fight it.


            “Thank you Tsuna-san,” then she stood up and walk away. Tsuna caught up her arm and asked… “Where are you going Haru-san?”


            “I just need time to think things over,” replied Haru. Tsuna has nothing to do but to let go of her arm.


            I-pin got up and suddenly told Tsuna seriously, “Haru-san really loves you Tsuna-san. She will do anything for you,” the words that got out of I-pin’s mouth suddenly left the living room silent, no hint of noise. They just stared to I-pin.


            “Tsuna, wanna know a secret?” asked Reborn to the young mafia boss.

            Tsuna only nod, frozen in silent in what I-pin just said. Reborn went to Tsuna’s shoulder and told the same thing he told Haru earlier.


            Tsuna stood up, silently.

            “Juudaime?  Where are you going?” asked Gokudera.


            “To a special person,” said Tsuna and he run outside and went up to the roof where he found Haru seating with her knees hold into her chest. As Tsuna is climbing, Reborn just left the minds of the others clueless with a smile on his face.


            “So I guess you like staring at the stars when you’re depressed?” asked Tsuna. As Haru heard the voice her head turned to him.


            “How’d you know Haru-san is here?” she asked avoiding her eyes to meet his eyes.


            “Reborn told me that you’re here. Is there anything that bothering you Haru?” Tsuna asked.


            “Haru-san is feeling guilty of getting jealous over your feelings to Kyoko. I know Haru-san doesn’t have the right to feel that way, so I’m giving up my love for Tsuna-san to faith. Haru-san has done enough, but remember Tsuna-san…I’m always here for you. Always,” explained Haru while hugging herself to prevent on getting cold.


            “Haru...I’ve been thinking of what Reborn said to me, maybe feelings have a way of changing,” said Tsuna while wrapping his red jacket on Haru.


“And maybe it’s time to accept that change, continued Tsuna. Then he touched the chin of Haru and leveled it with his face. Haru felt her face blushing but didn’t care. He just sat in the roof looking at Tsuna’s eyes frozen.


“Look, you have leftover dough on your face,” said Tsuna and wiped the dirt out of her face.


“Tsuna-san…”… “Ssshh…” interrupt Tsuna while he held his finger to her lips.


            “Are you getting sleepy?” asked Tsuna gently.


            “Kind of…” yawned Haru. As these words were spoken, Tsuna tilt Haru’s head to his shoulder and gave her a little hug.


            “You’re safe with me,” whispered Tsuna. Haru felt a tear rolling down her cheek as she heard Tsuna said those words to her.


            “I know I am, Tsuna-san,” and she closed her eyes wishing that the night will never end.            


hope you like it..(3
I liked it a lot ^^

there are some buts i found on the way, first Lambo talks in third person, and about honorifics

tsuna->kyoko "Kyoko-chan"
kyoko->tsuna "Tsuna-kun"
haru->herself "Haru" or "Haru-chan"
Tsuna->Haru "Haru"
haru->reborn "Reborn-chan"
Lambo->himself "Lambo-san"

you have to polish a bit your writing, but, besides that, it's a good fic ^^
hehe..sorry for the wrong honorifics something..
..it's my first time to write a fanfic anime..
..so happy that you liked it:)
..and also, thanks for the advice..

..actually, i'm planning to write a sequel.:)
would love to read it ^^
how sweet...eheh...but i like gokuderaXharu better than tsunaXharu...

do you have any gokuharu fanfics?..i would really like to read it or them..=)
..now that you've mentioned it...i'll try to make one...hehe
..looking forward on reading them..=)