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May. 4th, 2014

I'm Back!

Yes. I'm finally back here. :) I'll be posting fanfics!! Mostly KHR but we'll see if that'll change.

I'll be posting the first one today for the reason of Haru Miura's birthday :D

Jun. 10th, 2011

Cloud's Crown

In every new morning oblivion comes
Deafening sounds of souls that crawl
Away from the strong fires of hell
As the clouds starts to laugh as they all fell

Feeble against all wicked odds
No match for gargantuan needs tied in a rod
All their screams that pushes through our memory
Punishing our minds as they came yearning

Blood drips from their foreheads
As they force themselves to live and not be dead
Reaching for a crown high above the heaven
Their cries are seemed to be forgotten

Cloud's pride swallowed up the sun's light
Merely a shadow of yesterday keeps them alive
The souls that are forced to work down
As they try to remove the cloud's crown


It's raining today, heavily pouring
Reminds me of that day that my brain kept ringing
Your face so lost and beautiful at the same time
Will never trade that moment for billions of dimes.

I came running towards you with an umbrella on my hand
Don't care if my shoes were stained by the water and sand
There you are shivering and cold
Like an angel above, one poet has once told.

You said thank you and kept hugging yourself
I only listen to your words, ignoring the noise like i'm some kind of deaf
What i have found is a love so true
An angel to love forever and will always do.

I walked you to your house smiling crazily
Felt like flying when you thanked and hugged me
I can't stop the happiness that washed up past's pain
So there I was dancing madly in the rain.

Weeks past and we spent more time together
Our laughs and hugs that i thought will be forever
But as we face challenges that path became darker
Until fate came in the way to make the problem bigger.

There at that time, she stands outside my door
I can hear the tears that kept dropping in the floor
She hugged me and never want to let go
My past love, one past undefeated foe.

You came into my room with a cake in your hand
By entering it, you felt you're in an unwanted land
You dropped the cake and ran outside
Seeing your face crying breaks me up inside.

I release all my stress to push her away
Came running after you with all the words I want to say
Once i saw you outside, i also saw a light
Fast car that's ready to kill somebody with all it's might

My nerves were startled by the next thing that happened
I saw you crying and shouting that i can't be dead
My visions became blur and you were fading away
My lips can't move to speak up the words i wanted to say

"You're the one who change my view
You are more beautiful than the first morning dew
What you saw there was nothing to be afraid
You will always be the one and that will never change."

I wrote this poem hoping you'll get it from there
The world is cruel and truly unfair
I thought when i woke up i'll see your face again
But what i saw beside me was a crying friend

She explained all that happened and why i'm still here
Her next words raised up my unwanted fears
This heart that was alive and aching in my chest
You gave it so I can still live life to the fullest

My true love that just fade away
I'm looking forward to the day that i'll see you again
I'll be the one to hug and thank you and say
"I found an angel that was greater for a girlfriend"

May. 24th, 2011

Invisible Friend

I have an invisible friend
He would talk to me again and again
He's always there and ready to defend
Him as my guardian, my invisible friend

People think I'm crazy
For i always talk to him in public
When my parents find out, they were worried sick
They think I'm gone mad and psychotic

Weirder i became but less he showed
Tried to find him but disastrous things followed
He said that I can't talk to him anymore
Which made my eyes cry and sore

Now, i write stories that focus on him
Those sweet gentle smiles that he always give
My first bestfriend is something
An invisible one which only I can see

May. 23rd, 2011

Guardian Angel

It was the last thing I want to see in my life.

                “I-I…” she said, struggling and finding the words to say. Tears started rolling in my cheeks. They were hot and full of pain and hurt. I put my finger in her lips hoping she’ll understand what I want to say. She is as persistent as ever since we met until now. Pulled my finger in her lips with her hands covered in blood.

                “I-I love…you,” she whispered at the air flowing o my ear. It hit me hard as a boulder. I sit there with my eyes on the body before me, watching my precious girl who always understands me and supporting me in everything I do. I held here close. I don’t care if people will see my body full of blood. I don’t care if they’ll think of me as a mad man lost his way in this world. All I care now is being with her.

                My tears keep coming, falling in her beautiful face. My mind started to reminisce every moment I had with her. Those hugs, kisses, laughs, and fights we share, that I know now will never happen as they start to fade away.

                “I love you too, my heart belongs to you and it will always be yours, only yours,” I can hardly speak. Catching my breath between cries, I said that to her. She touched my cheek and gave me her one last bright smile. From that moment, I know who she is.

Apr. 20th, 2011

Writer's Block: Ticket to ride

If you could take an all-expense-paid two-week vacation to anywhere in the world with one friend or partner, where would you go and who would you take?

PARIS!! with my boyfriend ^^ .. a dream come true !! *melting* :)

Writer's Block: Exit strategy

Have you ever told a member of your family that you wanted them out of your life? If so, why?

yes .. i have ^^ .. my boastful cousin.. !! >,< .. she says that she is more clever than me ..whenever i did something wrong she'll laugh at me and our whole family will .. i just hate her attitude .. that's it !! >:)

I'm freakingly freakishly freaking out!!! >.

hey guys .. i'm freaking out at this moment for my boyfriend is going through some problems that involves us .. and my mind is thinking .. REAL thinking about what is it .. so i message him here, and all of the sites that we are connected... second, i had the guts to ask my "friends" about what is their problem anyway ..

i mean, it's the holy week now, and i have to let go of my suffering and depression through writing them out .. i can't take it anymore that at this very moment i'm crying while typing this up entry .. i don't know what to do .. really .. i do not know.. 


Mar. 28th, 2011

what the HUH?? >;[

hello .. i just need to pour out my emotions so i'm writing up this entry ..

do you ever felt like you're the baddest person in the world?? .. my "friends" are now mad at me and i really REALLY TRULY don't know the reason.. they kept posting crap status at their wall hoping that i read them < which i did > ..  i want to CRY but i got to stay strong ! .. i'm going to be a senior next school year .. and my plan is to get even on them by making up in the top honor students in or batch ..

.. fact is, they did something good to me.. by making me stronger and seeing what they truly are.. if only they < 3 of them > know what they are saying to each other when they are still telling me secrets, the world will be gone by their fight ! lol .. and i'm just going to sit, relax and watch the fun..
..As for now, i'm not doing any damage on them .. for they are only hurting me .. but when they did something to someone that is now close to me.. they'll really going to get it .. !! >:D

< i can be mean sometimes ! >:P >

next entry .. maybe tomorrow i'll state their names and post on one by one all they say to each other !! whahahaha

Apr. 7th, 2010

Writer's Block: Film therapy

Have you ever told a member of your family that you wanted them out of your life? If so, why?

percy jackson or stardust..their my fave movies so far..:)...

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